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After School Clubs

Spring term 1 clubs


Monday – Movies with Mrs Hopewell

Due to popularity this club is returning for a second half term.  This club will allow children to utilise their value of democracy to determine a movie, from a provided choice, that they can share.  After each movie children will be given the opportunity to review what they have watched.


Tuesday –   Premier Sports - Archery & Fencing with Mr Henegan

The weekly sports club will continue to be run by Premier Sports on Tuesday's.  This will be held in the main school hall or outdoors weather permitting.  This half term will feature archery and fencing activities.


Wednesday – Design and Build with Mr Macinnes

Each week the children will enjoy a different task of building and designing using a range of resources and techniques.


The cost of each session for all clubs is £4.50; the total payable for 6 sessions is £27.00 


Summer 1 Clubs


Monday - Multi - sports

Tuesday - Science club

Wednesday - Lego club


Each half term we offer the children a variety of activity based after school clubs. The clubs are held from 3.15 pm through to 4.15 pm from Monday to Wednesday and cost £4.50 per session. 


The activities are fun, wide-ranging and usually include a sports option run by an professional external company. We also offer a number of art and craft clubs, which encourage the children to be creative.  

Some of the amazing felt that has been made in felting club.

Some of the amazing felt that has been made in felting club. 1
One of the amazing cakes made in Christmas cake club.