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11th October 2019

Hedgehog class have been busy this week learning about the number 5.  It was Harriet's 5th birthday on Tuesday and lots of children made her a card.  They used their phonic skills to write her a message too. Harriet has had her minor operation and has now gone on her travels again. Hedgehog children have also been on a hunt to collect five different things from the natural world.  This links with our R.E. topic of God's creation of the World and Harvest.  On Wednesday, the children were very excited to go into the school garden and harvest some of the vegetables that have been growing there.  They were able to harvest potatoes, carrots, beetroot, runner beans and tomatoes.  They looked at the strawberries that are beginning to ripen and admired the large pumpkin that is growing.  This led nicely on to how Christians thank God for the harvest at this time of the year.  During P.E. Hedgehog Class moved around in the way of different animals and then practised throwing and catching a ball.

The number Four!

The number Four! 1

4th October

This week, in numeracy, Hedgehog Class have been looking at the number four.  We have practised writing it,

counting out objects to match the number, printing squares to match the number,  looking for groups of four and jumping, hopping, clapping, etc. four times.  Today we parked our outdoor bikes, scooters etc. in garages according to how many wheels they had.  We also looked around the classroom for objects connected to four.  In literacy, we have been learning the phonemes l,ll,f,ff,b,h and r.  We have tried blending cvc words to be able to read them and also tried writing cvc words.  We have also played games using those phonemes.  Hedgehogs are also learning the tricky words no, go and I.  Hedgehogs have used their imaginations to play with lots of the equipment in the classroom, the favourite at the moment is building and being Pippin from the programme Come Outside.  We hope you all enjoy the book your children came home with this week.

27th September


Hedgehog Class have settled into school life and have been busy this week learning about the numbers 1, 2 and 3. They have sorted objects into 1, 2 or 3, practised writing the numerals and listened to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  This led onto them making bowls for the porridge and using masks to role play the story.  In phonics they have been learning the sounds u,e,c, k, ck. and the tricky words the & I.  During R.E.  we all went outside to appreciate God's natural world and collected leaves and flowers which have been made into displays.  We were also lucky to be able to do P.E. outside and have been taking part in some multi-skill games.  Unfortunately Harriet the Hedgehog needs a minor operation before she can go and visit your homes.

28th June

We began the week with an active Monday, the children loved racing through the inflatables and in the afternoon they took part in some multi-skill activities.  Look at the photographs in the news gallery.  In literacy, they have been learning about tigers and have remembered lots of tiger facts, see if they can tell you some.  In numeracy, they have been problem solving, including doubling and halving.  We have made the most of the sunshine and have been busy practising for Sport's Day next week.

News 21st June

Hedgehog Class have been very busy this week listening to stories about Elmer and then thinking about how they are unique themselves. In numeracy, they have been practising adding one more and taking away one from  a number, moving on to subtracting bigger numbers.  They have been very excited to welcome next years Reception Class children and joining them in a P.E. lesson.  They had great fun playing parachute games and developing their skills in some round robin activities.

News 7th June

Unfortunately, the butterflies they had been studying at school emerged from their cocoons over half term but a parent very kindly brought theirs in from home and the children were able to see them before they were released. Hedgehog Class were very excited to see the butterflies fly off into the open air.

News 24th May

This week Hedgehogs have been learning about capacity and measure.  They had great fun weighing objects and measuring capacity using water, pouring it into different containers to see how much each one held!  Hedgehogs have also been on a mini-beast hunt and have created their own mini-beasts.  The class have been waiting all week for the cocoons to turn into butterflies but sadly, this has not happened yet.  On Thursday, Hedgehogs were very excited to have a visit from four kittens.  They learnt about what kittens need and how they change as they grow.

News 10th May

This week we have been looking at life cycles of butterflies and frogs.  Our class caterpillars have grown so much and are the biggest we have ever seen, they are indeed 'Very Hungry Caterpillars'.  We are very excited to see if they will have turned into cocoons on Monday.  In RE, we talked about christenings and listened to a 'Reverend Freddie Fisher and Puddles' story.  In numeracy, we have been learning about the life skill of telling the time and already some children are looking at the class clock to see if it is lunch time.

News 26th April

Hedgehogs have started a new topic this half-term all about 'Growing and Changing'.  This week the focus has been on The Very Hungry Caterpillar. They have hand printed a caterpillar and used their cutting skills to make caterpillars.   Today the children retold the story and then wrote their own version of it.  In R.E. they have started the unit about Being Special: where do we belong. This week, they talked about what is the same and what is different about themselves.  This half term's show and tell is all about their favourite insect.......I wonder how many unusual insects we will learn about!  In maths, we have been making 20 and making graphs to show our favourite fruit.

News 29th March

Hedgehogs have been busy this week revisiting the Easter Story and making Easter gardens and a giant cross on the playground.  They have been busy practising for the Easter Service which will be held on Tuesday 2nd April at 2:30.  We hope to see you all there.  In literacy, Hedgehogs have been busy with some special writing and artwork, have a look in their book bags on Sunday! 

News 15th March

This week Hedgehogs have been learning about doubles and halves in maths.  We have started learning The Easter Story by listening to a Reverend Fisher story.  The children have enjoyed looking at aboriginal art and have had great time creating their own.  They look amazing on display in the classroom.  Also, we have looked at famous buildings in Australia and have started to write our own non-fiction book.  We had great fun celebrating Red Nose Day with a treasure hunt.

News 1st March

In Literacy, Hedgehogs have listened to the Nemo story and then written some fantastic sentences about it. They have also thought about Australia and The Great Barrier Reef and the animals that live there. They have all made an awesome octopus, cranky crocodile and terrific turtle.  In Numeracy, Hedgehogs have been learning to count in twos.  Today they have been counting pairs of shoes.

News 22nd February

This week, Hedgehogs have been looking at Australia.  They listened to the story 'There's an Ouch in my Pouch' and then thought about what it might feel like inside the pouch.  Their descriptions ranged from cosy and fluffy to dark and scary.  In numeracy, the week started with 3D shapes and the difference between cubes and cuboids  and finished with days of the week and months of the year.  On Friday, the children began to learn the dances for May Day.  Also there was great excitement when Hedgehogs went on the new climbing equipment for the first time.  It was lovely to see them all challenging themselves with the different areas of the play equipment.

News 8th February

Kung Ho Fat Choy

This week Hedgehogs have been learning about Chinese New Year.  We have read the story of the Great Race of the Zodiac Animals and know that this year it is the Year of the Pig.  We have used lai see packets (red envelopes) in numeracy to count out coins for our friends.  We have also had great fun creating our own dragon dance.  We also tasted noodles and used chopsticks to eat them with.  On Friday, we made some spring rolls and took them home.

News 25th January

This week we have been enjoying the story 'Cinderella'.  The children have written invitations to the ball and made castle themed Cinderella books.  They have also made their own wand and written a wish on it to send to the Fairy Godmother.  In numeracy, the children have been fantastic at learning to tell the  time.

News 18th January

Hedgehogs have been busy learning the new sounds ch sh th in phonics and then using the sounds they know to help with their independent writing.  They have designed shields on the computer.  In music they have been investigating the sound that different instruments make and using them to join in with the rhythm.

30th November

This week Hedgehogs have been learning about the Christmas Story.  They have also been busy practising the Christmas Play, learning the songs and the dances.  The children have also been taking away in numeracy and in literacy thinking about what they would like for Christmas and written a letter to Father Christmas.

News 16th November

In numeracy Hedgehogs have been looking at the different coins we have and then buying things using either pounds or pennies.  Carrying on their topic of 'Celebrations' they listened to a Reverend Fisher story about weddings and then talked about weddings they had been to.  In P.E. we continued with our Diwali CD, they listened carefully to the instructions and then practised the moves.  Hedgehogs have been busy learning new sounds this week and their words of the week 'to & be'.  They have all enjoyed reading to us this week and want to share their books with you. 

News 2nd November

Hedgehogs have started their new topic of 'Celebrations' by finding out about Christenings and then role playing the event.  They have also talked about Bonfire Night and made firework pictures on the computer.  In maths the children have been comparing length using the vocabulary of longer and shorter.  They also started to measure objects using cubes.  In Literacy the words of the week have been I & the. Can your children remember them?  Hedgehogs have also been learning actions in phonics to help them remember the sounds.  If they suddenly have ants crawling up their arms or an aeroplane flying in the air you will know what it is all about! 

News 5th October

Hedgehog Class have been learning about shapes this week.  They have looked at squares, triangles, rectangles and circles.  See if the children can tell you about these shapes.  Hedgehogs had a fantastic P.E. lesson when they showed their footwork skills and accuracy with throwing.  In numeracy Hedgehogs investigated repeating patterns and then made some of their own using a variety of mediums.  They also looked at teeth and how to look after them.

News 28th September


It has been another busy week in Hedgehogs.  The children had an exciting treasure hunt finding all the sounds they have been learning in phonics.  They have also listened to the story 'Three Little Pigs' and have done lots of activities on this theme from cutting and sticking to role play.  Hedgehogs made the most of the glorious weather we have been having and were outside in the sunshine for P.E. practising various different ways to move.

News 21st September

Hedgehogs have had a busy week looking at skeletons.  They have made some x ray pictures of their arm and hand, found out where all the bones go with a jigsaw puzzle and heard some 'Funny Bones' stories.  They have also sequenced the story of Noah's Ark and practised their cutting skills.  They have all been fantastic at changing for P.E. and are now much more independent.

News 14th September


Hedgehogs have had a great week this week.  All the children have been introduced to the letters ' s a t i m' and have been busy writing them in sand.  They have also been talking about their families and then made paper dolls  to represent them.  In numeracy Hedgehogs have been looking at numbers to 10 and recognising the numeral.  The children listened to the story of Noah's Ark and next week will be doing some artwork linked to the story.


The children have all settled in well and have been busy practising writing their names.  They have had great fun exploring the outside area and we have been lucky with the lovely weather.  On Thursday afternoon, they all got changed for PE and then went outside to investigate different ways of moving.  The children have shared their scrapbooks with each other and talked about their holidays.  Thank you for all your support with the scrapbooks, they are great and a lovely memento for you to keep. 


Welcome to the Hedgehogs class page


In Hedgehog class we teach Reception, which covers Foundation Stage. The class is taught by Mrs Hopewell, who is supported by Mrs Hassell. In addition, Mrs Cutmore provides support Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

P.E is every Thursday.

The children also have library time on Thursday afternoons.  

We are lucky to have a large outdoor learning environment with a new covered area and offer continuous provision (unrestricted outdoor access to the early years play area).


 We have a class mascot called Harriet the Hedgehog. Each weekend she visits one of us and we share our adventures with the class each week.  

This half-term's topic


Our current topic is ‘Ourselves' we will be looking at what makes each of us special. The children will discuss their different interests and talents and will learn more about their likes and dislikes and learn about their own families. 




We really encourage children to read at home each evening to parents, this really helps improve fluency and confidence.

What we've been up to

Welcome back to a brand new school year! Hedgehog class will be having lots of fun over the next few weeks settling into school life and starting our topic 'Ourselves.'

Outdoor numeracy

Outdoor numeracy 1
Outdoor numeracy 2

Hedgehogs enjoyed learning about 3D shapes, when they were building castles!

Daffodil Pick and Comic Relief