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Meet Our Governors

Every school has a Governing Body. The Governors play an important part, together with the parents and teachers, to make the school a success. Governors have an increased responsibility for the effective management of the school.

Collectively, Governors contribute to:


  • The oversight and delivery of the declared school curriculum
  • The interviewing for professional, ancillary and manual staff at all levels and
  • The advising and monitoring of the school delegated budget.


Ratified minutes of Governors’ meetings are displayed on the Parent’s noticeboard in the school.


The board of Governors includes three members of teaching staff (Miss Zoe Linington, Mrs Alison Barden, and Mrs Judy Cutmore), along with the following board members:

Simon Bryant

Chair of Governors


Simon has been a local resident for over 50 years, and is a former pupil of Northill School. He joined the governing body in 2010 as a Diocesan governor, before taking on the role as Chair of Governors in 2011. A parent of three daughters, all of whom attended the school, Simon is passionate about the importance and power of education. Drawing on the knowledge and skills gained while engaged in the running of local businesses, Simon works closely with all stakeholders. He ensures that both the school and the governing body are functioning effectively, as they strive to deliver the best possible outcomes for the pupils in today's rapidly evolving educational landscape.

Tudor Fox

Deputy Chair of Governors


Tudor has been a governor at Northill since 2000, when his children attended the school. Tudor has been Chairman of the Governing Body and has also chaired the Finance and Management committees.  Coming from an engineering management background, working with industry and government, Tudor has brought his professional skills and experience to improve the school’s policies and management practices; helping the school to provide the best environment and learning opportunities for the pupils and staff. Tudor lives in Northill and is now self-employed as an aerospace engineering consultant. His hobbies and interests include, followings sports, cycling, music, sailing and travel.

Kate Walker

Foundation Governor


Kate joined the school as a Governor in 1998 becoming involved when her two children both attended; following an active role in the school’s PTA. Kate has supported the governing body in various roles over the years. Kate’s professional background spans 30 years within local government and the management of statutory social care services. Currently an Assistant Director within a local authority, Kate finds that she is able to transfer her skills and knowledge to the Governor role. Kate and her husband Simon, and their extended family have lived in Northill for many years. Their two young grandchildren now keep them all busy. Her main aim as a Governor continues to be, to make a positive contribution, to assure every child’s education, and play a role in supporting the school to go from strength to strength.

Darren Harbar

Parent Governor


Darren joined as a Parent Governor at the beginning of 2016, and currently has a daughter in year three at the school. Having served as an Officer in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, an international buyer for Dixons Stores Group, Editor of a photography magazine and now running his own photography business, Darren brings a wide range of commercial and practical skills to the board. As a Parent Governor, Darren feels he has an important role in ensuring that the school delivers not just for the children, but also for the expectations of the parents. He plays an important role in creating a link between the school and the parents who he is around on a regular basis.

Gillian Webster

Foundation Governor


Gillian came to Northill in 1991 when she married her late husband, who was a church warden and the church organist for the village. Upon her arrival in Northill, Gillian discovered there hadn't been a Sunday school for many years so she set about canvasing every household with children, to see if demand was there. She was instrumental in setting up the village Sunday school, starting with eight children and it went forward from there. She has been involved with Northill church since 1991, taking on many roles. Gillian retired as a local magistrate in 2015 and at that time she was approached about a vacancy for a church foundation governor at Northill School. She accepted the challenge and was appointed into that role later that year. She’s finding it a very interesting position and plays an important role in representing the Church within the board. 

Mr Simon Walker

Diocese Governor


Simon lives in the nearby village of Ickwell, and both of his children have attended Northill School, with his youngest leaving in the summer of 2016. Simon runs a local business in Biggleswade, and has been an influential member of the governing board. Working within a sales based environment has given Simon not only life skills, but also the ability to stand back and assess various situations objectively and see reasoning from both sides. Simon believes that he is in a position to be able to judge situations from both a parent and commercial perspective. He is passionate that Northill remains a CofE school, with all the values and ethics that brings. He knows how important it is to give our young children a good and balanced start to their school lives.

Mrs Tricia Turner MBE



Tricia has been a local resident in Northill since 1959. She was a teacher by profession and was the co-founder of neighbouring Ickwell Pre-School in 1965. Tricia has been a member of Northill’s Governing Body since early 1970s, and Chairman of Governors from 1986 to 1992. Tricia and her husband Martin have three children, all of whom attended Northill School, together with three of their five grandchildren. She is a passionate advocate of small village schools for children’s first transition into education.

Experienced as former Leader of Central Bedfordshire Unitary Council leading Partnerships, and encouraging developing the potential and achieving successful innovative solutions, Tricia brings a wealth of experience to the Governors. 

Mr David Milton

Foundation Governor


David has been a Northill school governor for over 37 years, since first being appointed by Northill Parish Council in 1979. He is a former pupil, as were some of his ancestors. His three children and five grandchildren have all attended the school and one is still a current pupil. David is a retired accountant and financial controller, which brings valuable skills to the Board. He is currently a Parish Councillor and has served several years as Chairman. He’s also the treasurer and vice chairman of Ickwell May Day Committee, Chairman of Ickwell Village Hall Trustees and Chairman of Northill P3 Group. David is dedicated to the wellbeing of the school.