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Squirrel class comprises of Years three and Years four, and covers the Lower Key Stage Two curriculum. Our class teacher is Mrs. Scurfield and we are supported by Mrs. Cutmore and Mrs. Miller. In addition to this, Mrs. Cutmore covers Planning, Preparation and Assessment time (PPA) on Tuesday afternoons.

News 18th January

Squirrels have continued with the digestive system in science this week.  They have found out how long the whole system is and also the length of the small intestine.  They were amazed that it could all fit into their bodies which prompted them to ask lots of questions.  They are also writing a script about the digestive system and incorporating some dance moves which will then be performed to their peers.  There was some great descriptive language and imaginative moves as they practised today.

What have we been up to this week?

News 11th January 2019

This week Squirrels have been learning about the digestive system in Science.  We investigated how food travels through the body with a practical experiment.  The children had great fun and laughter with their learning!  In Maths, children have been exploring Number and Place Value.  Year 3 placed 3 digit numbers on number lines as well as playing a competitive game to identify the values of each digit.  Year 4s investigated decimals.  During English we have listened to gory Anglo-Saxon and Viking sagas, to create our own heroes.

30th November

With the Christmas Play looming ever closer, Squirrel class have been hard at work practising their lines and their dances. We began the week by looking at Haikus about the weather, reading and then writing a selection of our own. In PE, the children have been enjoying some yoga sessions with Mrs Cutmore during the rainy afternoons and have been creating their own PE games with Mr Turner.

News 23rd November


The children have been hard at work over the last five days with our Christmas play, practising and learning the songs off by heart. We have also been editing and improving our stories about the little boat and writing our final drafts in English, focusing on our handwriting and spellings. In maths, we have just begun looking at time, converting between analogue and digital times, with the year fours focusing on am and pm in context, when creating a summer camp timetable. We have looked, in depth, at the celebrations in Judaism and considered what foods would be important to the children if they had to leave their country and live somewhere else.

News 16th November

This week, the children have been looking in detail at the types of animals that live in estuaries and creating leaflets to advertise the wildlife sanctuaries that have been built there. We have also experimented with an impressionist style of painting, concentrating on how our brush strokes can highlight light, shadow and reflections. In our topic, the children have been learning key geographical words to describe the different parts of a river’s journey and have used these to help write their own stories about a little lot boats journey from source to mouth. The children have also been hard at work inventing their own games, focusing on the core values of physical education, such as determination and fairness.

News 2nd November

In our first week of the new term, Squirrel Class have been hard at work with their new topic, ‘From Source to Sea’. In English, we have been looking at the journey of a lost boat from stream to sea and have been hard at work in art, studying the works of Claude Monet and, in particular, his Westminster Palace series. In maths, the children have been adding 1000s (year fours only), 100s, 10s and 1s mentally to 3 or 4 digit numbers and are beginning to look at money. We have also been practising for our Christmas Play, where a number of cheery Christmas songs have been heard through the corridors, emanating from Squirrel Class.

News 5th October

Squirrel Class looked at different 2D shapes together and then Year 3 sorted them according to their properties using a venn diagram.  Year 4 focused on the different types of triangles and described their properties.  Can they tell you the difference between a scalene triangle and an equilateral triangle?  In P.E. Squirrel Class have begun to create a gymnastic routine, making sure they include balancing, rolling, jumping and not forgetting transition between movements.  In R.E. the children learnt about why Christians celebrate harvest and then went on to write their own harvest prayer thinking carefully about what to include.

News 28th September

In our third full week, Squirrel Class have been reading the book ‘Stone Age Boy’ and have been acting out particular scenes, using the book to help research what animals lived in Britain during the Stone Age and the food that hunters and gatherers ate during that time. We have also written a postcard from the boy in the story to a friend or family member and finished the week with a whole class debate on which era was better to live in: the Stone Age or modern day. We have also been scratching and scraping a variety of different rocks to find the softest and testing to see which rocks soak up water and, in PE, the children have been practising their shooting, choosing whether to use their laces for power or the inside of their foot for accuracy.

News 21st September

It has been a busy week in Squirrel Class.  In literacy the children have been writing instructions on how to bath a stone age animal. They used their imaginations with some hilarious results.  In science Squirrel Class have taken a close look at rocks found in this country.  They then described them in detail and also sketched them.  During art they all pretended they were from the stone age and got under the tables to create cave paintings.  In R.E. they identified some of the important objects found in a synagogue.

News 14th September

In our second week back, Squirrel Class have been following instructions to sketch their own woolly mammoth and have researched what it was like to live in Britain during the Stone Age.  In P. E., the children went outside on Monday for football, where they looked a different parts of the foot used when dribbling and kicking the ball, and enjoyed their first gymnastic lesson inside, where they began to explore various different shapes they could sequence together when travelling and jumping.  In addition to this, we were excited to welcome Mr Paul Blunt to the class.  We all worked together to become sports leaders for break-times, learning different skills to share with the younger children.

News 7th September

This week, Squirrel Class have begun their 'Stone Age to the Iron Age'' topic by creating artwork based on the prehistoric monument of Stonehenge.  The children created and blended their backgrounds resulting in gradient, using two or more colours, before using black sugar paper to build their Stonehenge.  We have also researched mammoths in preparation for our class book, 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth', which we will be reading over the next two weeks and the children have created their 'sprites' in computing for their Stone Age games.



Could you hear your child read as often as possible, noting down the date read and any comments you may have in your child's reading record.



Spellings have been sent home with your child in the form of a booklet. Could you help your child learn each week's spellings ready for our weekly spelling test, which takes place every Friday.


Times Tables

Squirrel class will have weekly times tables tests. Times tables will be sent home in blocks for children to learn by heart. By the end of year three, children are expected to know their 3s, 4s, and 8s off by heart. By the end of year four, children are expected to know all of their timetables, from 1-12, off by heart.